ND-GAIN Urban Adaptation Assessment

The ND-GAIN Urban Adaptation Assessment (UAA) summarizes the climate risk and readiness of every U.S. city with a population over 100,000. It aims to help government, businesses and communities prepare for climate change impacts and to inform decisions on infrastructure, land use, water resources management, transportation and other adaptive strategies

ND-GAIN UAA City Rankings

Top 5 Cities Score
1 Atlanta, GA 72.92
2 Madison, WI 70.50
3 Portland , ME 69.73
4 Frisco, TX 68.39
5 Cincinnati, OH 68.24
Bottom 5 Cities Score
274El Monte, CA 15.33
275Carolina, PR 0.00
276Bayamón, PR 0.00
277San Juan, PR 0.00
278Ponce, PR 0.00
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