Urban Adaptation Assessment (UAA)

ND-GAIN's Urban Adaptation Assessment (UAA) is a measurement and analysis tool that explores the climate risks and readiness to accept adaptation investments of 278 cities within the United States with populations over 100,000. It aims to help city governments, non-profits, the private sector and urban communities prepare for the biophysical and social impacts of climate change and to better equip decision-makers to create and build out more inclusive adaptation strategies surrounding infrastructure, land use, water resources management and transportation.

Ranking of UAA Cities

Highest Tier Cities Score
1 Atlanta, GA 72.09
2 Portland , ME 71.22
3 Madison, WI 70.77
4 Rochester , MN 69.53
5 Ann Arbor, MI 68.96
Lowest Tier Cities Score
274Inglewood, CA 23.83
275Norwalk, CA 23.76
276Garden Grove, CA 23.49
277Santa Ana, CA 21.84
278El Monte, CA 16.57
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